Biom Pharmaceutical Corporation Launches Biom Turmeric Bar, a Brain health Food Using its Prebiotic and Nanoemulsion Technology Biom Pharmaceutical Corporation today announced that it launched its first gut and brain health food- Biom Turmeric bar. The products is collaborative project between Biom Pharmaceutical in Sarasota, FL and Lubdub Food Ltd, Dublin Ireland.Biom Turmeric Bar is a 50g serving with 180 calories and zero added sugar made with all natural ingredients. It has a synergistic blend of 900mg turmeric, ginger, and cinnamon in a nano-formulation. Turmeric is known to have key functional benefits in reducing inflammation and helping with memory and cognition. Turmeric and its active compound curcumin’s usefulness as a therapeutic agent is hindered by its low bioavailability and absorption. Biom has developed full-spectrum turmeric in a phospholipid nanoemulsion to increase its bioavailability.

Biom Turmeric bar has prebiotics and resistance starch to diversify and nourish gut flora and expanding the metabolic potential of gut flora. The use of specific prebiotic substrates promotes targeted evolution of gut flora which in turn helps to produce health and longevity enhancing secondary metabolites. Biom Pharmaceutical expects to accelerate the human clinical trials using this technology to develop a medical food targeted towards Alzheimer’s and dementia patients.“We are thrilled on the launch of Biom Turmeric Bar- a healthy and tasty nutritional choice for customers using our technology” said Dr. Bobban Subhadra; “This is going to be one of new wave of products that we will see in the new theme on microbiome and food as medicine” he added.

Biom Pharmaceutical humanized commensal production platform called “Biomsify” selectively modulates and diversify gut flora composition to produce anti-inflammatory, longevity and senolytic compounds. This technology is currently used on Biom’s 2nd generation probiotic line called Biom Probiotics and Biom Turmeric Bar ( healthy and longevity products.

About Biom Pharmaceutical Corporation

Biom Pharmaceutical is dedicated to achieving one of the most ambitious goals of 21st century medicine: increasing human longevity with high quality of life. This objective is at the heart of everything we do, from early research and development to product development. With this goal in mind we are focusing on developing true-to-label nutritional supplements to novel microbiome services to developing therapeutic modalities against Alzheimer’s like diseases. To bring about this transformation, Biom’s team are developing innovative designer drug products that harness a patient’s own microbiome to target various disease and pathological conditions. Biom Pharmaceutical is a biopharmaceuticals founded by Bobban Subhadra with a focus on developing clinical-based microbiome technologies and services to address various metabolic and immune diseases. The company has developed several cutting edge technologies for healthcare market applications. Biom’s vision is to be a global leader in developing microbiome-based drug technologies for safer, healthier and longer life for all using a new generation of innovative drug products and technologies. For more information, please refer or